Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog.

04 September, 2016

[Update] 10th Anniversary

September 3rd marked the 10th anniversary of this blog!

The first entry consisted of the following cartoon:

20 August, 2016

[PICTURE] Old School Cool

Gemini 8 recovery soon after splashdown on March 17, 1966. Featuring future moonwalkers Dave Scott, and some guy named Neil Armstrong.

Below is a picture from their capsule before they attempted to perform the first ever docking with the Agena target vehicle.  I have a framed print of this picture autographed by Dave Scott.

Soon after they docked with the Agena, there was a problem.

After the Agena began execution of its stored command program, which instructed the Agena to turn the combined spacecraft 90° to the right, Scott noticed that they were in a roll. Armstrong used the Gemini's OAMS thrusters to stop the roll, but after the roll stopped, it immediately started again. Gemini 8 was out of range of ground communications at this time.

Armstrong reported that the OAMS fuel had dropped to 30%, indicating that the problem could be on their own spacecraft. With concern that the high spin rate might damage one or both spacecraft or even cause the propellant-heavy Agena to rupture or explode, the crew decided to undock from the Agena so they could analyze the situation. Scott switched the Agena control back to ground command, while Armstrong struggled to stabilize the combined vehicle enough to permit undocking. Scott then hit the undock button, and Armstrong fired a long burst of translation thrusters to back away from the Agena.

Without the added mass of the Agena, the Gemini's rate of spin increased quickly. Soon after this, the spacecraft came in range of the ground communications ship Coastal Sentry Quebec. By now the spin rate had reached one revolution per second, blurring the astronauts' vision and putting them in danger of losing consciousness or suffering vertigo. Armstrong decided to shut down the OAMS and use the Re-entry Control System (RCS) thrusters to stop the spin. After steadying the spacecraft, the crew tested each OAMS thruster in turn and found that Number 8 had stuck on.

Almost 75% of the reentry maneuvering fuel had been used to stop the spin, and mission rules dictated that the flight be aborted once the Reentry Control System was fired for any reason. Gemini 8 immediately prepared for an emergency landing.

Three hours after splashdown, the recovery ship had the spacecraft on board. The astronauts were exhausted, but had otherwise survived the flight in good condition.

30 July, 2016

[MOVIE] The Five


Review from IMDB:

 Eun-A has a loving family, she's creative and happy go lucky. Unfortunately, she and her daughter cross path with serial killer who tracks them down and kills her husband and daughter. Severely beaten and left for dead Eun-A miraculously survives this savage attack, and now the only thing that keeps her going - mentally and physically damaged - is a dream of revenge. But, handicapped and weak she can't pull this off by herself, so she decides to gather a group of outcasts, each one with a specific skill to find the killer, each of them having one thing in common: members of their family (daughter, mother, wife) are on organ transplant waiting list.

She gives them the proposal they can't pass on. At first none of those people trust one another, but having heard Eun- A's story they finally break, and agree to help her. And so, five ordinary people, heavily burdened by their personal problems and tragedies team up to catch sleazy, skillful and psychopathic murderer. In the edge-of-the seat cat and mouse game which will keep you emotionally engaged while rooting for this bunch.

As per usual, we have the full package here, film contains action, comedy (provided once again by lazy and incompetent law enforcement officers), lots of violence, drama, mystery. Lovely Kim Sun-A (Eun-A) is the star of this film as tragic heroine but the whole cast did a convincing job, especially robust and likable Ma Dong-Seok (Azooma, The Flu). I have to give props to our antagonist, chilling, cold, demented, teen idol type, On Joo-Wan as Jae-Wook, pretty boy killer, a rising star artist. With a dark secret and specific "artistic" vision that cost people their lives. And Park Hyo-Joo (Hye-Jin) good Samaritan, Eun-A's tragic friend and sidekick, comedic relief with small, but touching role.

 Excellent, engaging film, real emotional roller coaster, highly recommended.

23 May, 2016

[Movie] The Man From Nowhere

[Movie] The Man From Nowhere

This 2010 Korean movie threatens to be a run-of-the-mill action movie, but manages to create its own identity. The sameness is how it shows most of its bad guys, and there are plenty, as one dimensionally evil. There are children who are put in harm's way, but not gratuitously--for the most part--providing the hero with a chance to be human.

This is an action film and it does not disappoint on that level. Some of it is pretty brutal, but by the finale you will most likely feel that everyone gets what they deserve and, if anything, a few deserved more. This is because they manage to build characters we care about with out slowing down too much. The pacing is nicely done with properly placed comic moments as well. Some of the humor was a bit dark, which was also nice.

What surprised me was how much I cared for the main characters. The child was sweet but not overly so.

There are cruel moments in the film but the film itself did not feel cruel. That is why I liked it. So often films are either mindless, or mean-spirited, and this one avoided these pit-falls.

2010: (8th) Korean Film Awards – November 18
Best Actor: Won Bin
Best New Actress: Kim Sae-ron (only 10 years old at the time)
Best Cinematography: Lee Tae-yoon
Best Lighting: Lee Cheol-oh
Best Editing: Kim Sang-bum, Kim Jae-bum
Best Visual Effects: Park Jung-ryul (for action scenes)
Best Music: Shim Hyun-jung